Expat Facts: How Many Britons Live in the EU?

Did you know that over 4.5 million Britons currently live in the EU? Spain is the most popular country with 319,000 British expats followed by Ireland with 249,000 British expats. See the full stats here:...

Returning through Eurotunnel with your cat?

Make sure you bring a cat basket! The new reception centre and rules means that they will not come out to you and you will need a basket to bring your cat into the reception. https://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/tickets/travelling-with-your-pet/

Top Expat Destinations 2015

“Expat Insider is among the biggest surveys worldwide to inquire into the living situation and happiness of expatriates. After the success of the 2014 edition, we have again asked 14,000 respondents from 195 countries and overseas territories a range of...

Where to start when moving abroad?

For most people choosing which country to go to when moving abroad is pretty simple, if it is with a job it is usually when a new opening comes up so there might not be much choice, if you’re retiring or are moving for a better life it is usually to a country...

Managing your international payments

This is a guest post by Cathryn Evans. In the current economical difficulties, people are now seeking better value for their money. They are looking for simple, uncomplicated processes to transfer money abroad. There are many options for consumers who are buying...

Love Surfing? Try the top spots in Portugal

Here’s a handy infographic by the guys at Momondo showing the top surfing spots in Portugal. Portugal not only has some of the best beaches in Europe it also has some of the best waves. With spots for all levels – why not check them out? I used to live...

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