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Shocking mobile phone charges in the EU are coming down!The high costs of using your mobile abroad will hopefully soon be at an end. The EU has a target for 2015 that is aimed at eliminating the large differences between domestic and roaming rates.

Until then a new cap has been put in place, effective immediately. From July 1st customers are to pay no more than 32p a minute for outgoing calls and 10p a minute for incoming calls while within the EU. This is only a small reduction but every little helps, as they say!

A new price cap for data roaming will also be put in place which means prices will be no more than 90 cents per megabyte (MB) from July 2012, falling to 50 cents by July 2014.

This is all good news for the traveller, the would-be expat and the serial expat in the EU. Travelling abroad to find that new home can be an expensive business as is moving around in Europe for travel or work.

The high data roaming charges (which you don’t often find out about until you get home) really need reducing and these measures will certainly help.

Have you had a shocking phone bill from travelling abroad in the EU? Perhaps you didn’t know about your iPad charges until it was too late? Let us know.

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