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New Move Abroad Info

Well, Move Me Abroad has been quite quiet recently I’m afraid. Move Me Abroad to EuropeBut there have been new information added to the ‘I’m Moving To...’ sections including Bulgaria, Cyprus and a few updates in Italy and France.

WordPress setups

Web development work has taken up a lot of my time recently (which is a good thing!), WordPress setups are increasingly popular – so now is probably a good time to tell you about the 25% discount I give to Subscribers of Move Me Abroad. You can subscribe on the right and if you want some more information about my WordPress services, please check out my web development website –

MoneyGram – Transfer money abroad

I’ve also been trying out an alternative service to Western Union. The reason for this is that Western Union is very expensive when you are only trying to send small amounts of money, which a lot of expats do. The Post Office, here in the UK, offer a service called MoneyGram®. This works in exactly the same way for transferring cash abroad as Western Union but for small amounts (less than £100) the fee is only £4.95. It’s still a high % but it is better than Western Union.

Liebster Fun!

Finally, I have been nominated for a Liebster ‘award’, more about that coming soon!