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8 Great Reasons to Move Abroad

Dutch flags with Rotterdam's Erasmus bridgePeople move abroad for many different reasons, here’s just a few:

1. Better weather

If you’re an expat from the UK then you know what I mean. Summer is all well and good but let’s face it the grey skies and seemingly endless rain the rest of the year tends to put a downer on things. The beautiful blue skies of the Mediterranean makes you wake up happy!

2. Relaxed way of living

For those people trying to leave the rat race behind then a move further south is usually the order of the day. The further south you go the hotter it gets and the slower the pace of life. You don’t need to be retired to benefit from this, even if you are still working you tend to find it less stressful in the hotter countries.

3. Experience a new culture

If you move abroad don’t just hang out with the expats. You will get so much more out of your move abroad if you start to make friends with the locals. You’d be surprised just how different the cultures are even within Europe and it’s great seeing how other people live.

4. Learn a new language

Moving abroad is a great way to experience new cultures and one of the best things about it is to learn a new language. It will open up your mind and help the old brain keep ticking over! You’ll soon be conversing with the locals and when you start thinking in your new language you’ll experience a whole new sensation and way of life!

5. Cheaper way of living

One of the reasons I moved abroad was because I couldn’t afford to buy a house in the UK. Although property prices and the cost of living seems to have gone up everywhere there are still some countries in Europe where you can buy a house for less than £10,000 or go out for a meal for four for less than £20.

6. Better work prospects

Conversely you may be moving abroad looking for work. A number of EU countries have incredibly high levels of unemployment and it can be a good idea to move abroad to the UK or Germany, for example, to find better paid work.

7. Study

Many young people now choose to experience more of the world by going to university in another country. This tends to happen for all the reasons above but also you may find that only certain universities study your particular interest.

8. Make new friends and maybe find love!!

You don’t need to go abroad to do this but it’s certainly a great way of meeting some amazing people with interesting stories to tell. Living in Portugal I met people from all over – Portugal (of course), Brazil, Ukraine, Romania, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria and more – it was a great mix of people and you can learn so much about other cultures and their different ways of life. You might also be lucky enough to find love abroad like I did!

What about you? What was your reason for moving abroad?

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