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15 Ideas for Portable Careers

15 Ideas for Portable Careers

Work from homeIf you’re not moving abroad with work then one of the biggest challenges when moving abroad is how to earn an income. Here are 15 low-cost ideas to get you started and we’ll be focusing on location independent careers in future posts so don’t forget to come back!

  1. writer (especially a travel writer)
  2. editor
  3. blogger
  4. web developer
  5. graphic designer
  6. English teacher (TEFL) (or other language)
  7. culture coach (coaching other expats)
  8. niche websites owner and affiliate marketing
  9. VA (virtual assistant)
  10. translator/interpreter
  11. photographer
  12. labourer (construction)
  13. tourism (bar staff/waitress/cleaner)
  14. programmer
  15. IT consultant

The idea behind most of these careers is that you don’t need a lot of money to start up and you don’t need to speak the local language.   If you work on the internet you can do that from anywhere and you can get started now, before you leave, and build up your client base.

We’ll be going into some of these careers in more detail in future posts, mostly those that you can do on the internet and so maintain easily if you move regularly.

Are you an expat with a portable career? How have you found living abroad and earning an income? Are there any other portable careers I’ve left of the list?

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