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Austria (Oesterreich)

This section provides relevant information and links about Austria for those wishing to move there. In addition there are a number of blogs linked to which can provide first-hand experience in life in Austria as an expat.

Austria at a glance

Population: 8,217,280 (July 2011 est.)
Major cities – population: VIENNA (capital) 1.693 million (2009)
Languages: German (official nationwide) 88.6%, Turkish 2.3%, Serbian 2.2%, Croatian (official in Burgenland) 1.6%, other (includes Slovene, official in Carinthia, and Hungarian, official in Burgenland) 5.3% (2001 census)
Time difference: UTC+1
Labour force – by occupation: agriculture: 5.5%
industry: 27.5%
services: 67% (2009 est.)
Unemployment rate: 4.4% (2010 est.)
Currency: Euro
Internet users: 6.143 million (2009)

Governmental Information

HELP-Service for Foreign Citizens – The Austrian government agency’s help site for information which is necessary for living and working in Austria. In English, German is also available.

Recommended Blogs

Blog about life in Vienna/Austria, as well as interests such as wine, football, politics, green issues, and history.
Gabe in Austria
About life in Vienna as a student.
American Schnitzel
The goal is to live in a small Austrian village with my Austrian wife and our 3 yr old while learning everything about this beautiful corner of the world.

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