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Sweden (Sverige)

This section provides relevant information and links about Sweden for those wishing to move there. In addition there are a number of blogs linked to which can provide first-hand experience in life in Sweden as an expat.

Sweden at a glance

Population: 9,647,386 (July 2013 est.)
Major cities – population: STOCKHOLM (capital) 1.279 million (2009)
Languages: Swedish (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities
Time difference: UTC+1
Labour force – by occupation: agriculture: 1.1%
industry: 28.2%
services: 70.7% (2008 est.)
Unemployment rate: 8% (2012 est.)
Currency: Swedish kronor (SEK)
Internet users: 8.398 million (2009)

Governmental Information

Swedish government website – A brilliant website to learn lots of fascinating facts about Sweden. In English, numerous other languages are also available.

Recommended Blogs

Expat Tales
“In May 2013, my husband and I packed up all our stuff and moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Stockholm, Sweden with our two cats. These days, we’re enjoying our new home and can usually laugh at the challenges it comes with. I hope you’ll not only enjoy following along, but participate as well!”

My Swedish Life
“My life as an English mum of two in Sweden, warts and all, good and bad!”

Notes from Sweden
“Day to day goings on and photos from an English girl now living in Sweden”

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