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The following resources contain useful information for emigrating with your pet.

UK Government Advice for Travelling with Pets (from DEFRA)

Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is the system that allows:

  • pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet the rules.
  • People in the UK to take their dogs, cats and ferrets to other European Union (EU) and certain non-EU countries, and return with them to the UK without the need for quarantine.

The rules are to keep the UK free from rabies and certain other diseases.

More information on the Pet Travel Scheme and the Pet Passport.


Rabies quarantine in the United Kingdom is for cats, dogs and other rabies susceptible animals that do not qualify for entry into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme and are required by law to spend 6 months in quarantine.