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Can moving abroad be the key to happiness?

expat happinessDespite missing certain things from the UK a recent survey carried out by Post Office International Payments has found that moving abroad has made the majority of expats ‘very happy’.

Key concerns for expats are finances, but I think that at the moment this is probably true for most people, expat or not.

On the plus side, 60% of the people asked said that they had a ‘greater sense of community’ abroad.  This is also unsurprising, living in the UK can sometimes be a lonely experience with the many commuter villages we have and the lack of community spirit.  This still exists in many European communities where car ownership can be very low and more people work closer to home.

So, moving abroad can be a very positive experience, even in these troubled financial times.  It’s certainly an adventure.

Are you happier now that you’ve moved abroad?  Is the search for a better quality of life something that is making you think about moving abroad?

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