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Why expats rave about the NHS

A week or so ago I reported on a recent expat survey which listed the top 5 things that UK expats miss about Britain. Unsurprisingly at no.5 was the NHS (National Health Service – for non-Brits).  The reason that this isn’t a surprise is because the NHS is so easy to use, they provide excellent service and best of all – it’s FREE!

Now a lot of people complain about the NHS because yes, sometimes they don’t always get in right and yes, sometimes you have to wait a long time.  But, if these people had to pay healthcare insurance or if they had to live abroad and use some of the other health care systems around the world I think they’d probably look at the NHS in a new light.

Yesterday, I had the bad luck of spending almost all day in the local A&E and I am going again today.  Not for me though!  For the first time I saw the NHS through an expat’s eyes – my Romanian boyfriend.  Luckily I was with him to do some translating and make sure he understood what was going on.

But, everything went fine, if a little slowly but they didn’t scrimp on the service and I left him there waiting for more x-rays and a CT scan.  He was very impressed, not only with the level of service but also the equipment and setup of the hospital (and this was a pretty small one in the great scheme of things).

I realised that we Brits really do have it lucky with the NHS and I am not surprised expats miss it when they move abroad.

What about you?  Have you wished the NHS was in your country?  Or, are you happy with your local health service, after all it’s no secret that the UK is not top of the chart for health care so where is better and why?

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