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Why move abroad?

The list of reasons why people wish to move abroad is endless.  The majority of these reasons for moving usually depend on your age and where you are moving from.

moving abroad

For example, many Brits and Northern Europeans wish to move abroad in order to enjoy warmer weather or a more relaxed lifestyle.   Whereas citizens of other countries, such as in the south and eastern parts of Europe, often look to move abroad in order to find work.

Age is also a determining factor for many people, it is often the retired or soon-to-be retired that look for a ‘place in the sun’.  Younger people are more likely to migrate for work or to experience new cultures.

Moving abroad is often a good option for the self-employed, a survey carried out last year found that  ‘a quarter of self-employed people in the UK would consider moving abroad in the next five years‘ (BBC).   The main reason given for this is to achieve a more favourable work/life balance, but also taxes and opportunities were also cited as reasons.  Although many of Europe’s borders have been removed each country still has its’ own taxes and different costs associated with them.  A country which is ideal to work in is not necessarily ideal to retire to.

Whatever the reasons, moving abroad is still popular, despite a recent decline.  Last year alone 310,000 Brits left the UK to live in another country.

What about you, what are your reasons for leaving your home country, is it for a more relaxed life or for economic reasons?  Me, that’s another (and quite complicated) story …

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