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Love in a foreign climate

Love in a foreign climate

One of the best things about living abroad is all the new people you meet. If you happen to fall in love with one of them then expect some fireworks! What with the language barrier and other problems you might encounter, the first few dates might be the only few. To get past this you have to be a lot more considerate than useful and always bear a couple of things in mind.

Mind your language!

Speaking different languages is always going to be tricky, in my case we spoke in a third language which was very strange! Still, you have to watch of for miscommunication which seems to be pretty common, especially if you are used to using colloquialisms. However this can be a source of amusement, one of my favourite sayings is that I have a memory of a goldfish. My other half one day turned to me and said I have the head of a fish – I didn’t have a clue what he was on about at first!

My advice is to be patient, speak clearly and not too fast. Over time you will both improve your language skills but at first be careful what you say and how you say it. A boyfriend or girlfriend who speaks another language is a great opportunity to learn another language, which can only be a good thing.

Another culture

What can be more trying are the cultural differences, what is considered acceptable in another culture can be vastly different to typical Western cultures. Problems I have seen are with clothing, drinking, going out, who you talk to and even taking off a jumper in a petrol station!

It is difficult to avoid this at first, and you may not want to. Individual freedom is important but just remember to be a little understanding!

Going out with a ‘foreigner’ can be trying but it can also be exciting, just be a little more considerate and understanding and you’ll be rewarded with a whole new world!

Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

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