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How To Deal With Negativity When Planning A Move Abroad

How To Deal With Negativity When Planning A Move Abroad

dealing with negativityTelling your friends and family that you are going to move abroad is always tricky. When you announce your plans you’ll probably receive two kind of reactions, positivity from those people who are genuinely interested in your plans and negativity from those people who try to dismiss it as a bad idea.

Dealing with the positive reactions is easy, you can tell them your plans and point out all the good bits without fear of confrontation or problems. However, dealing with the naysayers is far more problematic. What type of people they are will dictate how you react to them. Generally, people tend to be negative about moving abroad for two main reasons: 1, they’ll genuinely miss you and worry about how you’ll get on or 2, they’re just plain jealous. Once you’ve worked out which type they are you can deal with them with more ease.

When someone is genuinely concerned about how you will manage it is likely that they are simply afraid of the unknown and will actually probably admire you for your guts to it. There are plenty of positives you can point out to your friends who fall in this category, such as:

  1. great cheap (free) holidays – let’s face it, who doesn’t want a cheap holiday somewhere new? You can easily offer your close friends and family the possibility of them coming out to see you once you’ve settled
  2. quality time – when you see people on a regular basis it is easy for the time to drift away without actually spending any real quality time together, when your time is limited you are much more likely to do interesting things together or have really meaningful conversations
  3. easy to stay in touch – with the internet and free to use communication technologies such as Skype there is no excuse not to stay in touch and it is no longer difficult to do so, no matter where in Europe you are.
  4. no more than 4 hours flight – even if there was an emergency, within mainland Europe you’re no more than a 4 hour flight away so you could easier return home quickly if you needed to

And these are just the benefits for your friends and family. The benefits for you are enormous.

So how do you deal with those people who are jealous? Well, if none of the above arguments work (and to be honest they probably won’t) then you’re probably better off avoiding talking about it. People are jealous for all sorts of reasons and jealousy leads people to say and do things that won’t be of any benefit to you. Don’t let people who are negative ruin what should be a happy and exciting time. Moving abroad is a massive decision but once you have decided upon it then don’t let people put a downer on you or your family. It’s your life, don’t be afraid to live it.

How have you found telling people about your move abroad? Did you get positive or negative responses and how did you deal with them? Please share your stories below:



  1. Houses for Sale in Spain

    These are some great tips, especially the one about offering them a free holiday!

    • Sarah

      Yes and it’s amazing how many friends you suddenly have!!


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