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Beja, Herdade Do TourilThis post is the first of a new series where we take a look at the different areas of Europe in photos.

Europe is such an amazing place with so many different things to see and cultures to explore. If you have pictures you’d like other readers to see please send them to us.

Enjoy the sights of Europe!



The Alentejo region of Portugal is one of the least populated areas in Europe. It is very hot in summer and can get very cold in winter but it is a beautiful region crossing from the Atlantic in the west to the borders of Spain in the east. It is the farming region of Portugal and many famous Portuguese wines come from the area.

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Cromeleque dos Almendres, Alentejo, PortugalGold @ AlentejoAlentejo 2012-09-16 029Portugal - AlentejoMonsaraz - AlentejoWest from Evoramonte, Alentejo, Portugal 2005barragem de Santa Clara Alentejothe colors of alentejoCabo Sardão

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Have you moved to the Alentejo and have any images of the region to share with other readers? Please add any links to your photos in your comments.