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Portable careers: make a living as a travel writer

Writing and bloggingOne of the simplest and easiest (and not to mention cheapest) ways of making a living which is portable is to be a travel writer. Being a writer generally is a great idea but of course the very act of moving abroad means that the travel writing niche is perfect. There are also lots of markets for this niche and setting yourself up in business as a travel writer is quick and inexpensive. All you really need is a computer and an internet connection (and this can be said for most portable careers).

Living abroad (and travelling around your new chosen country) will give you plenty of travel writing information. Within the EU also, it is very easy to travel around so you don’t even need to stick to your current location (but of course, it would be much easier to become an expert in you focus on your new locale).

There’s a great list of travel writing markets on the Small Business HQ site, so I won’t list them all again here but note that many of them are not just interested in travel pieces. Sites such as Transitions Abroad are looking at information articles on living in a foreign country.

There are also any number of offline magazines that will pay for travel writing and one especially lucrative market is the in-flight magazine. Not many of these have contact information online so your best bet is to try and get hold of the magazines themselves, if you don’t fly very often ask your friends to save them for you! Otherwise do a search online for as many airlines as you can to see if they have any information about their magazines.

In addition there are plenty of opportunities no matter which country you come from, the list I linked to above has mostly English content but your home country will also have magazines and online portals which will be interested in travel articles too.

If you are going to set yourself up as a travel writer you’ll probably want to get yourself a website to display your contact details, services and any clips or samples that you have. The easiest way (and probably cheapest) these days is to get a self-hosted WordPress site, but I’ll cover that in another post. For domain, hosting and a DIY website you’re looking at upwards of £100. If you go the professional route you’ll be looking at a lot more but it’s worth starting out small and then when you get the jobs in you can look at getting a professionally designed website later on.

Are you a travel writer? How easy did you find it to get your first acceptance? Do you have your own website, does it help bring in clients? Please share your experiences below:


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