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Is this the coolest government site?

swedenMost governments have websites providing visitors useful information about their countries. Most are pretty dry and not very well put together. But, Sweden’s is a real pleasure to read.

The home page has striking imagery combined with useful facts and figures about all aspects of Sweden and Swedish life. All of which can be read about and viewed in much more detail including a particularly useful post on the ‘20 things to know before moving to Sweden‘. The post has tons of advice with further links to explore more. The whole site is well put together and makes learning about Sweden fun and interesting, as well as being a starting point for further information.

As a web developer as well I really appreciate the look and feel of the site – it is well put together and of the highest quality. It’s the kind of website I’d expect a country like Sweden to have.

If you are looking at moving to Sweden (or even if you aren’t!) then go and check out, it’s definitely worth a read.

For more basic information about Sweden and some local blogs to read, check out our ‘I’m moving to… Sweden page‘.

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