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Moving to Italy? Here’s 7 blogs to check out …

Moving to Italy?  Here’s 7 blogs to check out …

Thinking of moving to Italy? Then here’s some blogs from expats who have already made that move. Read all about their lives in Italy and the fun and frustration they have in their new lives.

runRunbritchickrun –
I love to blog about life in Roma, my running & fitness and food.

umbriaAmericans in Umbria –
Our experiences retiring to a small town in Umbria

oilMixing Oil and Water –
Exploring little-known corners of Italy in the regions of Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia

englishmanEnglishman in Italy –
An Englishman, his Sicilian wife and an English – Italian dictionary.

petinitalyA Blog on Pets in Italy –
Blog and resource for people with pets in Italy – cats, dogs, horses, geesem, you name it! Brought to you by British writer Fiona Tankard – resident in Italy since 1994

greenholidayGreen Holiday Italy –
I am a freelance journalist living in a stunning corner of Italy. This blog is your guide to responsible travel in Italy. Slow food, off-the-beaten-track destinations, walking, trekking, cycling, ecotourism, nature.

parmamiaParma Mia! –
Parma Mia! is a blog written by two expats offering advice, tips and personal recommendations to help you best take advantage of your time in Parma. Our blog introduces you to the highlights of Italian bureaucracy, assists you in finding English speaking doctors, kids activities, shops, keeps you up to date on local events and venues, and more!

For more blogs to read, check out the Italian list from ExpatBlog and also from ExpatWomen

For some basic facts about Italy, please view our Moving to Italy page.


  1. Claire

    Nice collection of blogs! I’m a native Italian speaker and I live in Rome, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading these sites. I like discovering my country from a foreigner perspective. 🙂

    • Sarah

      I do too, it’s interesting to see what other people think of your native land.

  2. Chandnii

    This is a great selection of blogs, some really interesting reads about peoples experiences, thanks!


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