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Study Abroad Scholarship with Pimsleur (US readers only, sorry!)

Pimsleur Approach’s 2014 Study Abroad Scholarship


Students with the most thought-provoking and well-reasoned essay, as judged by a panel of Internet Order LLC staff members, will win one of the three top prizes:

  • 1st $1000 + Pimsleur Approach system of your choice
  • 2nd $500 + Pimsleur Approach system of your choice
  • 3rd Pimsleur Approach system of your choice

* Be sure to read the rules and submission details carefully before entering. No purchase necessary and no fees are required to enter.

About the Pimsleur Approach Scholarship:

This scholarship is in honor of renowned linguist and language educator, Dr. Paul Pimsleur. In honor of his commitment to language-study research, this award will help make language and culture more accessible to American college students.

Pimsleur believed in cultural exploration as a lifetime pursuit and that effective communication needn’t be cost-prohibitive. This scholarship opportunity can help provide an immersive experience consistent with Pimsleur’s mission to take language learning out of the classroom and into the world.

For more information please check out the full scholarship details and sorry folks this is for US students only!

Note: we have no affiliation with Pimsleur nor do we know anything about the Pimsleur Approach, we received an email directly from them about this scholarship opportunity so if you wish to proceed please be sure to check it out thoroughly. If you are interested in learning about Pimsleur, you may find this review helpful: Pimsleur Approach Review – An Honest Look

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