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Managing your international payments

Managing your international payments

PensionThis is a guest post by Cathryn Evans.

In the current economical difficulties, people are now seeking better value for their money. They are looking for simple, uncomplicated processes to transfer money abroad. There are many options for consumers who are buying property abroad or paying for additional services, these range from bank transfers, credit or debit card, currency bought in their home country and cash withdrawals from Multi-banco when in country. All of these methods imply poor rates of exchange, additional charges and fees, as well as commissions in many cases.

Another option is a Foreign exchange company, they can look at offering you a higher exchange rate than your bank many with no fees or charges, they should be regulated by HM Customs and Excise and from May 2011 the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

As soon as you make that decision to buy a property abroad, whether it is to emigrate or a holiday home – this is the key time to talk with a Foreign exchange company, they can give you the best advise on the rates and discuss timescales with you – this then gives you your budget for viewing properties.

At Premier FX what we can do listen to your needs. We can then go through the options to secure the best rates for you, as we know its all well and good while the rate is in your favour, but what happens if you have a large sum or regular payments you need to transfer and the rate is against you?

When this happens there is solutions for you, Premier FX can offer fixed rates for up to 2 years and we can look at fixing rates for regular payments on a monthly basis, this can protect you against the fluctuating exchange rate and give you piece of mind. Of course we can still offer the spot rate – which is the rate on the day, our online system gives you access to the latest rates 24/7.

Whether you are looking at moving to Sweden or to Portugal your Foreign exchange company will be able to help you every step of the way, from the initial purchase of a property to making regular transfers.

We are here to make your currency transactions stress free and simple.

Premier FX is authorised by the FCA (530712) and regulated by HMRC.

Cathryn Evans
Tel: + 351 289 358 511

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