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Applying for Permission to Burn

Applying for Permission to Burn

Portugal has suffered from many bad fires and burning is strictly controlled here. If you have waste on your land that you wish to burn you will have to let the authorities know when and where. You can do this by either telephoning your local Bombeiros or you can fill in an online form and they will let you know immediately if you can burn or not.

The form can be found on the INCF (Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas) website, the INCF manages the forests and natural environment in Portugal.

You will need to go to the Queimas e Queimadas site, this page has lots of useful information about the types of burning. To apply you will need to register, click on the Aceda Aquinos button. You will first need to log in, for this you need your NIF number. This is your login and your password. Once you have done that you will see a search area where you can search for any registrations you have done already. After that it will say ‘Registos para hoje e para datas posteriores‘ (Registrations for today and later dates). Click on the plus sign underneath and this will take you to another page with your personal details already filled in.

You will then choose the type of burning: ‘Queima de amontoados’ or ‘Queimada extensiva’ which is ‘Piling fires’ or ‘Extensive firing’. Choose the one that you need. Then you will need to add in the date when you want to burn and then following if you need support or not.

You will then need to add in the reason for burning:

  • Phytosanitary burning
  • Management of agricultural leftovers
  • Management of forest leftovers
  • Forest management
  • Other reasons

and then describe it in the box below.

The next section, ‘Passo 2 – localize a ação mapa’, asks for where it is exactly that you want to burn. The easiest way to fill this in is to click on ‘abrir mapa’ and click on the location on the map. Get as close in as possible.

Once you have filled all that out, in section 3, ‘Passo 3 – depois de selecionar o local veja a análise dos resultados e aceite o registo’, it will tell you the risk of fire, danger of action and the technical analysis. From this you will know whether you can burn or not. You can then accept the registration.

During the critical period or when weather conditions are unfavourable, a request for authorisation will be issued automatically for the attention of the local Camara. The reply to the request for authorisation will be sent by e-mail or SMS. It may also be viewed via the platform.

In the Analysis section you will be usually informed to check your local fire risk chart on the ICNF website, to ensure that your local fire risk is NOT Very High or Extreme as under these two conditions you cannot burn outside the critical area.

You will also receive an email from ICNF stating confirming the above showing a location of the burning that has been registered, the details and safety conditions and a reminder concerning that you cannot burn when the fire risk is Very High or Maximum outside the Critical Period.

There is a useful page of information on the Safe Communities Portugal website about the Burning of Rubbish and Fire Prevention Laws.

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