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Buying a Euromillions Lottery Ticket

Buying a Euromillions Lottery Ticket

Portugal has a range of lotteries you can take part in and that includes the Euromillions. Tickets are only available from shops and kiosks that are part of the Jogos Santa Casa network and also their website online.

To buy a Euromillions ticket (called Euromilhões), you ask for the amount in euros you want rather than the number of tickets. So, you would ask for cinco euros instead of two tickets. Obviously this would change if the price changes as it has in the past. Also, if you want a lucky dip then you ask for a ticket na maquina or from the machine.

Euromillions is played as it is throughout all the regions that sell it. It has two draws, one on a Tuesday and one on a Friday. Like the UK, Portugal also has an extra draw that you get for the price of your Euromillions ticket. In Portugal this is called M1lhão. Unlike the UK though this is only drawn once a week on a Friday. So you will receive a M1lhão ticket on a Tuesday but the draw for it won’t be until Friday so keep it safe!

The other major difference is that any prize over 5000 euros is subject to a 20% tax unlike in the UK where all winnings are tax free. Good luck!

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