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Driving on Ex-SCUT Motorways: Part 1

Driving on Ex-SCUT Motorways: Part 1

The old no toll motorways (SCUT) all now have automatic tolls. If you have a foreign number plate then there are various methods of paying for these, if you have a Portuguese registration you will also need to arrange a way to pay.

If you drive on the motorways very infrequently and don’t wish to purchase a Via Verde device you can drive on the ex-SCUT motorways and then pay the tolls afterwards. Don’t forget that if you choose this method you will still need to pay manually on the other types of motorway tolls – do not drive through the Via Verde channel.

The CTT (Post Office) website details all the different ways you can pay for the tolls although it is all in Portuguese. The simple post-pay method is detailed here Veículos sem identificador.

Paying without a Via Verde

If you drive on the ex-SCUT without a recognition device then you will have to pay for your tolls afterward. In addition to tolls, you pay € 0.32 for each ticket, up to a maximum of € 2.56 for each payment (as of the current date).

You will need to pay for the tolls two days after passing on the motorway and you can pay at a CTT / Payshop Payment Point (CTT Store, CTT Point, Payshop Agent), or by Multibanco reference (either at a machine or online via your bank).

Payment is available up to 48 hours after passing the toll. Then you have 5 working days to pay.

The CTT website has a useful table detailing which days you need to pay, for reference I have repeated it here:

Dia em que passouPode pagar a partir dePode pagar até

For more information and help, please visit the CTT website.

Have you used this method of paying for motorway tolls on the ex-SCUT roads? If so, please share your experiences below in the comments.

Photo by Florian Steciuk on Unsplash

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