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How To: Insure Your House

How To: Insure Your House

In Portugal it is still common to buy insurance for your house (or car) in person. In towns you will see many insurance brokers and shops where you can go in and arrange all your insurance in one place. This is often beneficial to doing it online because you can get to know one person who arranges everything for you and therefore knows your history and what you need. Of course, online is probably more efficient and easy to do but anyone who has spent hours on a support call knows that it can also be a great pain.

Portugal has many insurance brokers or you can go direct to one company. For our insurance I used a broker in the Algarve and went direct to Allianz in the Beira Baixa. This is purely for convenience, I used whatever was the most local to the property. Your broker should be able to provide you with the best insurance for your needs. You will need your personal identification such as a passport and the documents for the house e.g. caderneta predial. For our last purchase we didn’t have a print out of the caderneta in our name so we used the house purchase contract instead. Allianz offered us 4 types of household insurance so you there is a great range to choose from depending on your needs.

All in all we found it a relatively simple process even though we had to do it in person (which is difficult in these COVID times) and compared to the UK it also seems to be reasonably priced.

Have you arranged your house insurance? Have you found it difficult or easy? Is there anyone you recommend? Please tell us below.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

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