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How To: Put the Water in your Name

How To: Put the Water in your Name

I’ve bought a couple of properties in Portugal now where I’ve needed to get the water connection put in my name. One was in the Algarve and the other in Beira Baixa. In both cases it is the Camara Municipal who will do the connection for you and it is them who you pay. I don’t know about other regions or the big cities but I would imagine it is a similar setup.

In the Algarve

The first was an apartment in the Algarve which already had someone living in it when I bought it from them. My solicitor who managed the whole sale was able to sort all the water out for me and went to the Camara Municipal on my behalf to put it in my name and even set up the direct debit to pay for it. By the time I had moved out to Portugal to live in the apartment the water was already sorted out. If you have a solicitor or someone who can do it for you before you move in then that is the preferred way to save time.

In Beira Baixa

In Beira Baixa I had to do everything myself and there was no water connection in the house because no-one had been living there. There was water plumbed in so that wasn’t an issue, it just needed a meter and it changing into my name. To do this I had to go to the Camara (I had to make an appointment because of COVID but in normal circumstances this isn’t always necessary). I took my passport, caderneta predial and contract of sale just in case. The woman at the Camara made all the necessary contract details and I paid them about 50 euros. All done. Within a week or so the meter was in place and I had running water! The bills then come every month and at the minute I have to pay them either by bank transfer or go to the Multibanco machine. I have yet to sort out a direct debit which will inevitably make my life easier!

So in both cases it wasn’t so difficult to get the meter sorted (where necessary) and have the contract put in my name. If possible it is of course easier for someone else to do it but if not just make sure you take all the possible paperwork with you that they might want to see.

Have you sort out your water connection? How easy or difficult was it for you? Please leave a comment below.

Photo by Jong Marshes on Unsplash

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