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Identifying Local Flora and Fauna

Identifying Local Flora and Fauna

No matter which country you move to there is a good chance that the local wildlife is different to what you were used to back in your home country.

Most of the time it is just nice to know what the new birds and other creatures are but also you may wonder whether something is poisonous or dangerous or not. We have seen some beautiful birds since moving to the Beira region of Portugal as well as other creatures we weren’t so sure about, such as snakes and scorpions. So how can we tell what they are or whether we should be worried? Well, there is a great website and app called iNaturalist where you can upload images of your find and other people will identify them for you. I’ve uploaded images of red kites, vultures, Iberian magpies (gosh that one was driving me crazy until I got a decent picture to send) and even a giant mantis. The really helpful enthusiasts on iNaturalist identified them all.

The website is and there are apps for both iOS and Android devices. You will need to sign up for an account but it is all free. The phone app is easy to use, just open it up, click on Observe, take a picture and then upload. Once it is uploaded after a while you should get responses as to what other people think it is. If you prefer to take pictures with your camera you can log into their website and add an observation from there.

In your account you can see all your observations, comment on what people have suggested, see what else has been found in your local area and much more. It really is an excellent repository of information and so useful to see what flora and fauna you have around you.

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