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Review: Alensa Contact Lenses

Review: Alensa Contact LensesScore 95%Score 95%

Finding a good online company to buy reasonably priced contact lenses is actually surprisingly easy. In the past I found that buying contacts in Portugal was an expensive business but now it seems the online market is competitive and therefore the prices are good. I found Alensa after a quick search for the particular contact lenses I needed to buy and was pleasantly surprised to see the price was actually cheaper that what I was paying in the UK and came with free delivery. I ordered my lenses on the Friday and by the Tuesday they had arrived.

The purchase process on the website was very easy and unlike a lot of Portuguese online websites I could pay online at the time of purchase. This is a huge bonus and I’m glad that they are more forward thinking than other sites I have used. So, I had an easy purchase procedure online and they arrived correctly and very quickly. All in all I am very happy with the service and will definitely use them again next time.

Have you used Alensa to buy lenses? If so, what was your experience? Please comment below.



Summary Excellent online purchase experience and delivery.


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