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At the beginning of February I was looking around to buy a water heater. I wanted to get one online in order to save driving a long way and because of COVID restrictions. I found and they had the water heaters I was interested in at a great price and with only a 3 day wait for delivery. So I ordered.

Order Process

Unfortunately they have one of the annoying payment facilities where you make an order and then you have to go to your bank and pay it. This I find really annoying and prone to errors. Luckily it all worked OK and we received the confirmation that they had the payment almost immediately. So far, so good.


The three days came and went and no sign of the heater and no word from the company either. We were busy and didn’t need it straightaway and so we waited a couple of weeks. Finally after getting concerned that we were never going to have it we called them on a Monday. We were going to get it on Thursday. On Thursday there was no sign so we called again. Apparently, Thursday was the day they were getting it in their warehouse and we would get it on Friday. Friday came and we finally received a phone call that said they were in Fundao and we could wait until Monday or if we wanted it before then they would come to us. But, they said their lorry was too big for our small village (!) and we have to go and meet them about 10 minutes away on the main road.

Of course this was absolute nonsense, they just couldn’t be bothered to drive to us. We received the heater but no papers were signed to say we had received it.


All in all, apart from being able to purchase online and at a reasonable price, the order process is annoying and the delivery appalling. Would I use them again? I don’t know, it depends how desperate I am to avoid a trip into the city or whether I need something in a hurry again but overall I wasn’t impressed.

Have you used What were your experiences like? Please tell us in the comments below.

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