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Utilities: How to Pay Your Water Bill

Utilities: How to Pay Your Water Bill

Water bills for your property are sent out once a month and come from your local Câmara. You usually have to pay them the same month as receiving the bill. Depending on your Câmara you will usually have four options as to how to pay your water bill.

1 – In Person

In normal times you would usually be able to go to your local Câmara offices and pay in person. You usually do this by going to the Tesouraria located inside the building and pay by card or by cash. You will have to take your water bill with you.

2 – Bank Transfer

The details for paying by bank transfer are on the invoice. Pay for this as you would any other bill.

3 – Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay is to set up a recurring variable direct debit via your bank. This way all bills are paid on time and with no fuss.

4 – Multibanco

Once you have entered your card and pin you will need to choose the . option on the first screen for Pagamentos de Serviços e Compras. Then choose option 1.

You will need your bill in front on you and it will have the details for Multibanco payments. You will need to enter the Entidade (company 5-digit Reference Number), then the Referência (9-digit bill and customer reference number) and finally the Montante (amount). Once you have added those in and checked them click Confirmar. If it asks you always get a receipt to prove that you have paid.

Make sure you pay your bill by the date given on the invoice otherwise you will not be able to pay it my Multibanco.

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