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Land clearance and Fuel Management

Land clearance and Fuel Management

Fuel management is the reduction of plant and woody material in order to make it difficult for fire to spread vertically and horizontally. In summary, it means cutting grass, shrubs and trees in some areas – known as cleaning1.

Rural areas in Portugal are at risk of dangerous fires and land clearance and management is of the utmost importance.

The law states that all the owners, tenants, users and entities that own lands located in rural areas, even if they are not the owners of the buildings, are obliged to undertake fuel management2.

The deadline for land clearance, which is usually set at March 15th, has yet again been extended due to COVID.

For full information, in English, about what you will need to do, the Safe Communities website has a very useful page on land clearing and protection.


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Photo by Steven Kamenar on Unsplash

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