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Learning Portuguese with Practice Portuguese

Learning Portuguese with Practice Portuguese

If you are moving to Portugal then learning Portuguese is an absolute must. I know that there are plenty of immigrants who don’t bother beyond learning to order a couple of bottles of beer in the bar but if you want to integrate into society then it’s important to learn the language.

I’ve tried lots of different courses over the years and I thought I’d try something new – an online subscription. So today I signed up for Practice Portuguese. The sign up process is easy – I paid via Paypal. The main reasons I chose it were because I can practice whenever I like and have time and I can cancel at any point. The subscription is a monthly one so it is easy to manage.

My first thoughts are that the website needs to be looked at – it’s not very well designed and there are no obvious start here instructions. But I will record my progress as I am going along with posts on this site.

If you have used Practice Portuguese please let us know your thoughts below.

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