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Portal das Finanças: Caderneta Predial

Portal das Finanças: Caderneta Predial

One of the best things about the Portal das Finanças is that you have easy access to some of your most important documents.

The Caderneta Predial is a certificate for your property. It is issued by the Tax Authority (AT) and holds all the tax information associated with the property. When you buy a property this document is updated into your name and you would usually receive a copy.

If you need to get a copy of the Caderneta Predial you can easily do so from the Portal das Finanças. Firstly, log in as usual and you will see a Menu to the left. At the bottom is an option ‘Todos os services’. Click on that and you will come to a page which lists all the services on the site. The list is alphabetical, so scroll down until you find the section titled ‘Prédios’. Then click on the first option below called ‘Consultar Património Predial’. You will then be taken to a page where you can see a table with all the Cadernetas in your name. If you click on the word Caderneta with the document icon next to it a copy of your Caderneta will pop up and you can then save it to your computer.

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