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Review: Aki/Leroy Merlin Online

Review: Aki/Leroy Merlin OnlineScore 80%Score 80%

Aki is a great B&Q type place that most towns seem to have. They were bought out a few years ago by Leroy Merlin which was a shame because it just reduces choice. Since this has happened the Aki website now redirects to Leroy Merlin.

The site itself is fine to use and navigate but it is quite frustrating on mobile devices as the menu tends to get in the way. I purchased 7 items for the house, mostly kitchen equipment which came to almost 1000 euros. I bought them online for two reasons – one so they could be delivered (which due to the cost was free) and two because I knew the shop in Castelo Branco did not have the items I wanted and I did not know if I could order them. The facility to order online and pick up was unfortunately not available for that shop.

The purchase process was generally OK but the payment was annoying because after confirming the order I had to go to my bank to make the transfer. I don’t know why big Portuguese companies cannot integrate payment on their own site it is ridiculous.

The other problem it that the delivery time was 3 weeks! Then as the day of delivery approached I got an email saying they couldn’t do it and they’d be in touch. Then I got another email saying it would be the say after. The day after there was nothing, no communication and no delivery. Instead towards the end of the day we go an email asking us to rate our products!

This of course sent off alarm bells and I contacted the online chat only to be told I had to contact the store they were coming from – Coimbra. I found it odd that they don’t have a centralised warehouse and that is probably the reason everything is so slow!

On Monday we got a call saying that they were on their way. They weren’t too late and they came right to the door and dropped everything off. They double checked everything and I signed for the delivery so all was good in the end.

Visit the Aki site for more info.




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