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Solicitor or Lawyer? What is the difference?

Solicitor or Lawyer?  What is the difference?

When you come to purchase property in Portugal you will probably be needing a solicitor (solicitador/a) or lawyer (advogado/a). I’ve heard people say that you will definitely need an advogado and will need to spend thousands but I have actually used both. Prices though do vary widely, not just between solicitors and lawyers but in different areas of the country as well.

Usually you will find that a solicitor is probably cheaper for house purchases but they will, hopefully, still carry out the same tasks a lawyer. Often the fees are a percentage of the purchase price but for my last purchase, I used a lawyer who has a fixed fee.

Ideally you will want to find someone who is recommended, whether they are a solicitor or lawyer. Good experiences always count for a lot. I have a solicitor in the Algarve and a lawyer in the Beira Baixa and would happily recommend them both. In my experience it is a good idea to use someone local just because they will know more about what and where you are buying.

If you’d like to know more about the differences between a lawyer and a solicitor, the EU has a good website.

You can also purchase property with just the use of a notary. We will explore that later on.

Have you had experiences of solicitors or lawyers in Portugal? How did you get on?

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