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Winter in the Beira Baixa

Winter in the Beira Baixa

Knowing what the weather brings each season is important for locals and visitors alike. When you think of Portugal, you imagine great weather all year round but this is not true. Down south, yes, the weather is much milder but even there you will probably need to get your wood burner going!

In the lowlands of the Beira Baixa the weather is much cooler. But, after our first winter here I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly the cold weather doesn’t really last long; mostly just December and January. Even then there are plenty of days of blue skies and decent enough weather.

The days are generally cold and when you travel you will probably need a coat but I often went out with just a wrap. The sun doesn’t set any earlier than five o’clock which is great and a huge difference to the UK. Overnight temperatures can fall into the negative but not that often. We had a few really cold nights but we managed OK.

Log burners are recommended as the stone houses can be cold in winter. We had a few frosts and could see the snow on the Serra da Estrela. Once or twice it snowed in the lowlands but nothing settled.

There is a lot of rain though, there really is a rainy season here, much more so that down south and that is something to be aware of if you’re trying to avoid it. But, given that the summer temperatures reach around 40 degrees and the ground is parched, the earth really needs the rain the rest of the time. The rain started in November and we had a few weeks of continuous rain and then on and off since February.

It can also get quite windy here if you are living on exposed land but you can barely feel it in the villages.

All in all I was pleased by the winters, mainly because it doesn’t feel like it lasts too long!

How do you feel about the winters where you are? Let us know if the comments.

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