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Speaking the Language

WWOOF your way abroad

A few people have asked me recently about how they can go abroad (short or long term) with very little money. The answer I have been giving is something that I have never tried but so desperately want to. That is WWOOFing. What is WWOOF? WWOOF stands for World Wide...

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The 5 best ways to learn a language

Learning the language is always one of the most daunting challenges about living abroad. Luckily it is also one aspect of living abroad that we can start to conquer before we leave. Here's my top 5 ways of becoming proficient in another language: Number 5: Teach...

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5 reasons to learn the language

One of the main fears of an expat (or future expat) is learning the language. This is especially true for those people whose native language is English.   Why do I say this? Traditionally, Brits and probably Americans too, do not learn other languages well because...

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