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EU Road Safety Regulations


*All speeds are in Km/h.

Country Motorway Main Road Urban Areas
Austria (AT) 130 100 50
Belgium (BE) 120 90/120* 50/30** * 120 on dual carriageways with at least two lanes in each direction and a physical separator of traffics;
** 30 near schools.
France (FR) 130* 90/110** 50  * 110 in case of rain;
** 110 on dual carriageways with at least 2 lanes in each direction and a physical separator of traffics
Germany (DE) 130* 100 50/30  * 130 recommended where there is no regular speed limitation
Hungary (HU) 130 90 50
Portugal (P) 120 90 50
Romania (RO) 130 90/100* 50  * 100 on “E” roads

Daytime Running Lights

Country Mandatory Limitations
Austria (AT)
Belgium (BE)
France (FR)
Germany (DE) * recommended
Hungary (HU) yes
Portugal (P)
Romania (RO) yes Only on motorways, expressways & “E” roads

Saftey Equipment

Country Flourescent Vest Warning Triangle First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Notes
Austria (AT) Yes Yes Yes
Belgium (BE) Yes Yes Yes Yes
France (FR) Yes Yes
Germany (DE)
Hungary (HU) Yes* Yes Yes * Persons shall wear such garment on roads outside built up areas at night-time and at restricted visual conditions
Portugal (P) Yes Yes
Romania (RO) Yes Yes Yes
NB: Make sure you check the very latest information, which also includes alcohol levels, cyclist info and winter weather requirements, from the EU Road Safety website.