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Working and Studying Abroad

Expat Outlook: Exploring Success in Germany

Move Me Abroad continues its series of Expat Outlook interviews. This week we pick the brains of Vlad Dogaru, another young Romanian professional who managed to build a thriving marketing career by the time he reached 30, working for a large logistics group in Bonn,...

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Expat Outlook: Embracing European and Asian Cultures

This week, our Expat Outlook guest is Cristian Citu. A young native of Panciu, Romania, (a region famous for its white and sparkling wines) Cristian had the fantastic opportunity to experience both European and Asian cultures during his tenures in Bonn, Germany (photo...

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Expat Outlook: Living in Amsterdam

Romanian native Ciprian Cordun has already built an impressive resume by his mid 20s. Motivated, down to earth, and eager to broaden his horizons, Ciprian moved to Italy to study, was a member of the world’s largest student driven organization, AIESEC, and set the...

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How to Adapt as a Young Professional Abroad

Whether you landed your corporate dream job in a foreign country or you’re on your way to it through an internship that may last from six months to a year or more, moving abroad is a life-altering experience. You go through a lot of stages until you feel you fully fit...

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HMRC wants your views on tax residency in UK

The tax residency rules for the UK are somewhat complicated and it's not particularly easy to work out whether you are a tax resident or not. The government are hopefully going to sort this out and to do so are looking for views from expats or those who don't always...

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WWOOF your way abroad

A few people have asked me recently about how they can go abroad (short or long term) with very little money. The answer I have been giving is something that I have never tried but so desperately want to. That is WWOOFing. What is WWOOF? WWOOF stands for World Wide...

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